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After 40 days of love

So you have read my other post about the 40 days of Love. Many people got curious but only few came and wanted to be part of this campaign. It was sad… but I fully understand why they seemed to be “allergic” toward it. Maybe they were thinking that I would try to convert them to another religion or change their belief… Well, no… This is not about religion… Yes, we have Bible verses mentioned during the small group meetings… however, this is not to convince, or force, or even dictate them to join our Church. We’re doing this because we desire to tell people about God’s love…. and how His love can change our relationships here on earth. As I have said before, and I’ll say it again, we are made for relationships.

A couple of friends had asked me, “kamusta na yung 40 days of love mo? nakahanap ka na ba ng love?” Everytime they asked me this question, I just didn’t know how to answer it. Should I answer it at all? Just to clarify things up, the 40 days of Love doesn’t aim to give you a BF/GF after 40 days. You might find love as your group meets for 6 weeks… I mean, who knows? God moves in so many different ways… magugulat ka nalang…

Primarily, this is to help people build a stronger relationship with God, with their families, friends, officemates, classmates, their spouse, their partner, with everyone they know. To patch what is broken… to create what is not there… to deepen the existing relationships… 🙂

6 Sundays of small group meetings on the 40 days of love are over and I can say that I enjoyed those sessions. The laughters… the arguments… the tough questions… I learned a lot about my group. I just hope that somehow, somewhere in their heart of hearts, something good and significant has been learned… and I pray that they would apply it in their daily lives. It would be so sad and would feel so useless if I would see that nothing has changed afterwards… outcome matters, you know!

I have planned of sharing the session subjects here but I have known something that has changed my mind… and I think it would be better to just keep them instead. Maybe in the next coming posts I’ll discuss them… but for now, I’ll keep it to myself… 😛


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