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Puesto del Sol: The place where the sun sets (A review)


I am here in the office – waiting for my VMware template download to finish.  I still got 21 minutes and 52 seconds. Then I thought, why not start writing my review for Puesto del Sol?

My family was there just a couple of weeks ago… though, I have booked the reservation a year back. I bought this deal from Metrodeal way back September 2011. The pictures on the deal caught my attention – the infinity pool, jacuzzi, a beautiful kitchen and luxuriously designed rooms… P2999 for a place like this which is good for 8 people was a good deal, I said to myself. So my brother and I agreed to book for 2 nights.


We live in Bulacan. Our travel took an excruciating 5 hours. We were stuck in traffic for 2 hours upon approaching Tagaytay. It shouldn’t be that bad but there was sort of a political campaign that time and there were cars parked on both sides of the street that it only left one lane passable.

Commuting is not an option for you if you want to go to Puesto del Sol. It is located at the  edge of Calatagan and after that the deep blue ocean.  Trust me when I say, it will be more convenient for you have a private car going there.

The road to Puesto del Sol was okay.. maybe better than the previous months based on the other blogs I read about this place. Bring a skilled driver. The road before its entrance is really steep.

White sand covers most of the grounds of Puesto del Sol. But if you have this impression that the beach is just nearby, well, not really. The place is on top of a hill. You’ll need to drive down to get to a beach. Below is the picture of Puesto del Sol’s entrance.

Puesto del Sol Entrance Our initial reaction when we first set our eyes on the place was “This is it?” We were disappointed with what we saw. Perhaps we have set our expectations high or we might had expected better.

The first thing that I checked was the kitchen. Based on other reviews, it was beautiful… personally designed by the owner of Puesto del Sol. Below was the picture posted on Google.


This is the kitchen when we got there:

Kitchen Now.





As you can see, the kitchen has already deteriorated. Sayang… I was looking forward to check out this kitchen. I don’t know how long since this place has been built but I was hoping that they have maintained the place.

The next thing that caught my attention was the infinity pool. It was narrow and long… I thought it was wider. In all fairness, it was clean.

infinity pool

Actual infinity pool


jacuzzi on an ad

Camera 360

my pic of the Jacuzzi

The jacuzzi was almost the same with what was on the ad. I didn’t dare soak on it though. Mainly because it was not working but it should. Secondly, it was not inviting. Can’t remember if it was clean… LOL! The two chairs in the ad, those were not there anymore when we came.

Next the room… Here’s what we have seen in the ad…


inside the kasitas

Here’s the actual picture I have taken:

Camera 360

Actual Pic

There are only 2 kasitas. The 1st picture might be taken from the other one. Well, it was more pleasant compared to the room we stayed at. The room has a small TV, no cable channels… Bed was OK – nothing special. Air conditioned as promised – no additional charge. Toilet is ordinary. It was long and narrow like the infinity pool. LOL! The good thing was it has hot water. We brought our own towels even though we were informed that we would have two towels available for us. No towels prepared though when we entered the room.

 There are actually more cons than pros for this place. There are still renovations going on – with the landscaping and all but I just hoped that they were able to maintain what was already there. (The caretakers were nice and accommodating, though. That was a plus. But I can’t really say that the experience was worth the distance we traveled.)

The place is secluded. It’s good for people who want to be alone and do some soul searching… Not much activity can be done too. When we went to the lighthouse, it was closed and the gates were locked. No caretaker inside. The beach, we didn’t go there but I would recommend that you do so you can maximize your time and effort while in Puesto del Sol.

The view of the sunset from Puesto del Sol is amazing and the view around it. The place has great potential but at the moment, it was lacking of so many things. Wishing the owner would continue to improve the place. It will be a huge waste if he’ll do otherwise.




Puesto del Sol 180 degrees view


the sunset

[click the pictures for a bigger view]

Oh well, that’s my review for Puesto del Sol. Hope it would help it setting your expectations if you have bought a deal and will go there soon…

tah tah for now!


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